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The Real Property information available on the Kodiak Island Borough’s website is considered within the public domain and is provided solely for your convenience. It is believed to be reliable, but it is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate or completely up to date. None of the information constitutes legal documentation for any purpose. Therefore, all of the information provided should only be used for reference purposes only.

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Outstanding Fee amounts are NOT included in the “Tax Due” section. For accurate Tax Due amounts, please contact KIB Finance Department Cashier at (907)486-9324.

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at (907)486-9353.

This information does not constitute legal documentation for any purpose. Tax Due amounts are not accurate.
All information provided is for reference purposes only and is in no way binding upon the Kodiak Island Borough.
Please contact Assessing at 907-486-9353 with property questions and Finance at 907-486-9324 with tax questions.